Refinancing a Mortgage

Essentials of Mortgage Refinance
Reductions in Mortgage Interest Rates Stimulate Existing Borrowers to Refinance: But Often For the Wrong Reason!
Should I Refinance?
Refinancing in a Rising-Rate/Rising-Property-Value Market (Last of Three)
Refinancing in a Rising-Rate/Rising-Property-Value Market (Second of a Series)
Refinancing in a Rising-Rate/Rising-Property-Value Market
Some Questions About Refinancing
How Do You Know Whether Mortgage Refinancing Pays?
Is Making Extra Mortgage Payments Better Than Refinancing?
How Can You Be Certain? Introducing the Integrated Refinance Calculator
Periodic Mortgage Refinancings: Who Gets Conned?
Refinancing Vs Contract Modification
Refinancing and Second Mortgages
Cash-out Mortgage Refinance or Home Equity Loan?
Refinance Mortgage With Current Lender?
Finance Settlement Costs in Mortgage Refinance?
Refinancing When You Have Two Mortgages
Can Mortgage Refinance at a Higher Rate Make Sense?
Are Mortgage Refinance and Prepayment Alternatives?
Questions About Mortgage Refinancing
What Goes Into the Mortgage Refinance Decision?
Why Is This Mortgage Refinance "Cash-Out"?
Does a Prior Mortgage Refinance Affect This One?
Do Savings on a Mortgage Refinance Make a Good Deal?
Why Does Mortgage Refinancing Cost More?
Refinancing With a No-Cost Mortgage
Who Gets to Refinance In a Stressed Market?
Refinance to Invest Payment Savings: Good Idea?
Don't Refinance Into a Simple-Interest Biweekly
Should You Refinance a Mortgage to Improve Credit?
Rescinding a Mortgage Refinance
Is Now the Time to Refinance an ARM Into a FRM?
Refinance: The Tangible Net Benefit Rule
Refinancing That Makes You Poorer
Why Is Refinance Shopping Easier?
Valid and Invalid Reasons For Not Refinancing
Some Irresistible Deals Should Be Resisted

 High Anxiety About Refinancing Low-Rate ARMs

If Your Home Is Underwater, Better Know Your Options
Is Cash-in Refinancing For You?
Why Are More Loans Not Being Refinanced?
Mortgage Refinance Calculators: What Should They Tell You?
Do Internet-Based Refinance Calculators Tell You the Truth?
Refinancing From FRMs Into ARMs
Refinance In Anticipation of Sale?
Mortgage Payoff In a Refinance

Refinance Rejection: Can Anything Be Done?
Saving Money on Your Mortgage in 2013: Unexploited Refinance Opportunities
A Single Information Source For Refinancing Borrowers
Prepare to Rescind Your Refinance Before You Close

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