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Last Revised July 23, 2015

Questions Not to Ask

1. Your Qualifications: Please do not ask me whether you can qualify for a mortgage prior to reading Can You Qualify in Today's Market? Introducing the Professor's Mortgage Qualification Tool. This is Step 2 in finding a mortgage offered by Certified Network Lenders on this site,

2. Your Mortgage Price: Please do not ask me the price you should expect to pay on your mortgage, or whether a price quoted to you is reasonable. Mortgage prices depend on many things and change every day. To find your price for every type of mortgage, as of right now, go to Step 3: Select Mortgage Type.

3. Trustworthiness of a Lender: And don't ask me if a lender who has solicited you is trustworthy. There are thousands of lenders and most of them I don't know. Responding to a solicitation is a gamble there is no reason to take. I can vouch for the Certified Network Lenders offering loans on this site because they have agreed to follow my rules of transparency and fairness and, equally important, I can monitor them to make sure that they do. Read Why Shop Here: Certified Network Lenders.

Ground Rules For Other Questions:

1. Anyone can write me at, there is no charge.

2. To reduce the likelihood that your question will be lost in my sea of spam, in the Subject box of your letter, write QUESTION MP.

3. Comments and questions about articles and calculators are always welcome.

  1. If you are commenting on a newspaper column, please give me enough information to identify the column.  Some newspapers hang onto a column awhile before publishing.
  2. If you are having trouble with a calculator or spreadsheet, give me a list of the exact data entries that resulted in the problem, so I can reproduce it. And be sure to identify the calculator by number.

4. I don’t do interest rate or real estate market forecasts.

5. I don't do reciprocal web links.

6. I usually reply to single straightforward questions, although my reply might be that I don’t know.

7. I usually do not reply if I can't understand the question, or if the question would take a book to answer.

8. I don't answer examination questions.

9. I usually avoid questions about commercial real estate investment, unless they are particularly interesting.

10. If I reply and you write me a follow-up, add it to my reply so I have a reminder of what went on before. Otherwise I have to search my directory for our previous exchange.

11. I will usually answer a question that is already answered on my site by providing the relevant page URL.

12. Questions that involve assessing the relative merits of multiple options, such as which mortgage deal or which mortgage strategy is better, are often time-consuming and I just can’t answer all those that come in. I do answer some, with preference to those with well-defined alternatives.

13. I almost always answer questions from members of the armed forces, and from seniors.

14. If I don’t respond, it could be because your email address was not correct, or my spam filter intercepted your letter, or I just overlooked it. In any case, you might want to try again.

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