How Do You Correct Mistakes in Your Credit Report?

August 6 , 2003, Reviewed February 4, 2011

The credit reporting system is imperfect. Sometimes erroneous information is
inserted in a file that adversely affects the consumer’s credit score. If this has
happened to you, use the form below to contact the credit reporting agency
that has reported the erroneous information. If you follow the instructions
exactly, the agencies are obliged by law to act on your complaint.

Note: The dispute form and instructions are courtesy of Catherine Coy, a
mortgage broker who runs a Credit Mastery Workshop in California.

Consumer Dispute And Statement

 Experian Trans Union Corp. Equifax
Attn: NCAC Attn: Disputes Attn: Disputes
P.O. Box 2002 P. O. Box 1000 P. O. Box 740241
Allen, Texas 75013 Chester, PA 19022 Atlanta, GA 30374

(Indicate the agency to which your complaint is directed)

I dispute the accuracy of my credit file as revealed to me on [Give Date].

In accordance with Section 611 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I hereby request
that you investigate the current status of the information I have disputed below in Paragraph 1.

If your investigation does not resolve the dispute, I hereby file the statement below (Paragraph 2)
which shall be included in any subsequent consumer report containing the information in question.

Credit Grantor:______________________________________________________

Account No.:_______________________________________________________

The disputed portion reads: ______________________________________



I maintain that: ________________________________________________


Your Name

Your Street Address

Your City/State/Zip

Your Social Security Number

Your Signature and Date


Instructions for Use of Dispute Form

Print a blank version of the form as your master form.

Fill in your name, address, and Social Security number on the master form.

Make copies of the master form as needed. You will need as many copies
of your master form as the number of derogatory items you are disputing.

Use one copy of the master form for each derogatory item showing at
each bureau. Some accounts are reported to all three bureaus and some to
only one bureau. Do not dispute a derogatory item at any bureau to which
it is not being reported!

Fill in the form as appropriate:

For accounts with zero balances, dispute as "not my account; please delete."

For accounts with balances, dispute as "paid as agreed; never late."

Don’t use any other language because it won’t be accepted or acted upon.

Sign each form in blue ink.

Mail the form to those bureaus—and only those bureaus—that are reporting
the derogatory information.

Include a copy of your drivers license and Social Security card for identification.

Use U.S. Post Office "certified mail; return receipt requested."

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