Qualifying for a Mortgage

What Are “Qualified Mortgages”, and What Purpose Do They Serve?
Emerging Tight Money May Hit the Mortgage Market Hard
Borrowers Pay the Piper For Lender Misdeeds
Mortgage Qualification Rules Are Not Always Black and White
Some Recent Letters on Downsizing and Mortgage Lender Mistakes
The Professor's Qualification Tool
Qualifying For a Mortgage
Can I Obtain a Mortgage Loan Without Income?
Will Mortgage Lenders Count Anticipated Income?
Can Rental Income Help You Qualify For a Mortgage?
Can a Temporary Buydown Help Me Qualify?
When Good Credit Marries Bad Credit
Why Is Alimony Such a Drag?
Can You Separate Income and Credit?
What If I'm Fired Before the Loan Closes?
Difficult For Self-Employed to Qualify For a Mortgage?
What Are Mortgage Documentation Requirements?
Why Must Gifts Be Documented?
When Co-Borrowers Split, Problems Arise
Can a Spouse's Debts Be Disregarded?
Pay Down Debt or Pay More Down?
Do Mortgage Lenders Count Deferred Student Debt?
Who is a Good Mortgage Risk?
Do Mortgage Lenders Recognize Bargain Prices?
What Is a "Primary" Residence?
Is an Outbuilding Part of Value?
Can I Buy Two Properties At Once?
Combine Two Properties In One Mortgage?
Does 401K Debt Count?
Qualifying For a Mortgage With Investment Income?
Co-Signing a Mortgage: How Much Help?
Allow a Friend to Qualify With Your Account?
Will Bonuses Qualify Me For a Larger Mortgage?
Stated Income Loans: Lie to Get a Better Rate?
How Much Financial Help Should You Give?
The Mortgage Lending Process
Change Jobs Before or After Applying For a Mortgage?

The Problem in 2010 is Underwriting
Mortgage Pre-Approvals May Help Home Buyers, or May Not
In the Post-Crisis Market, Some Lenders Reject Condo Loans
Mortgage Qualification Repair: Meeting the Down Payment Requirement
Mortgage Qualification Repair: Meeting the Income Requirement
Mortgage Qualification Repair: Meeting the Credit Score Requirement
From W-2 to 1099 is Bad News For Mortgage Borrowers
Rental Income No Help to Home Buyers
Can You Qualify in Today's Market
Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Qualification
Why Will Some Lenders Reject Borrowers That Other Lenders Accept?
Should Condo Owners Press Their Boards to Seek FHA Approval?
Should My Spouse and I Apply For a Mortgage Jointly, or Should I Apply on My Own?
Why Many Good Mortgage Loans Are Not Being Made

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