Retirement Issues

Unrealized Potential: Savings Accounts In A Retirement Plan

Increasing Retirement Funds By Integrating Existing Retirement Fund Sources (And By Increasing Saving For Retirement)

Targeted Saving For Retirement (We Haven’t Had It – Until Now)

Overcoming Procrastination In Saving For Retirement

Increasing Savings for Retirement

Why Retirees With Existing Mortgages Should Take a HECM Reverse Mortgage

Integrating HECM Reverse Mortgages Into Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Integration: Meeting the Needs of Non-Affluent Retirees

If You Still Have a Mortgage, Should You Pay it Off at Retirement

Increasing Savings For Retirement

Converting Housing Wealth Of Retirees Into Spendable Funds: Loan-Based Plans Versus Equity-Based Plans

Annuities And Reverse Mortgages Are Perfect Complements –

So Why Have They Been Forcibly Separated?

Retirement Planning For The Non-Affluent:A New Role For Credit Unions

Do Annuity Ladders Really Make Sense For Retirees In A Rising Rate Environment?

Using a HECM Reverse Mortgage to Neutralize Portfolio Risk

Low-Wealth Retirees Face a Quintuple-Bogey

Is It Safe to Retire With Assets of Only $500,000?

Retirement Planning For the Non-affluent: A New Role For Banks

Integrating Retirement Plans – It Is Long Since Overdue

You Outlived The Pandemic - Will You Outlive Your Nest Egg?

Partial Retirement: An Inevitable Trend That Needs Support

Integrating the Components of a Retirement Plan

Retirement Finance In A Low Interest Rate Economy (Retirees Can Shift To Higher Yielding Assets Without Increasing Risk)

Retirement Finance In A Low Interest Rate Economy (Homeowner Retirees Can Benefit If They Select The Right Reverse Mortgage)

Why Annuities Are Underutilized (And What Could Be Done About It)

Overcoming Hostile Market Forces Faced by Retirees

Another Desirable Feature of a Retirement Plan: a Set-Aside

What Should You Look For in a Retirement Plan (Part 1)

How An Annuity Improves A Retirement Plan

Does an Annuity Belong In Your Retirement Plan?

HECM Reverse Mortgages Can Reduce Retirement Income Instability

Must Retirees Choose Between Destitution From Living Too Long And Deprivation From Dying Too Soon?

A Pension System That Needs Fixing

Are Rare Seashells a Good Retirement Investment?

Replacing the 4% Rule For Retirees

Retirees and the Asset Management Challenge

In or near retirement? The Professor’s Retirement Funds Integrator (RFI) might enhance your life during retirement.

Want to shop for a Reverse Mortgage from multiple lenders?

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