The Professor's Kosher Reverse Mortgage

Select Your Path

  1. Explore Reverse Mortgage Options on Your Own Using the Professor’s State-of-the-Art Calculator
  2. Select a Certified Loan Advisor to Guide You Through Your Options

Features of a Kosher Reverse Mortgage

  • Certified Loan Advisors (CLAs) are certified by the professor for their knowledge, wisdom and integrity.
  • Kosher systems including a state-of-the-art calculator allow seniors to make the correct choice regarding:
    • Options for drawing funds as between cash draw, monthly payment, and credit line.
    • Adjustable-rate versus fixed-rate HECMs.
    • Different combinations of interest rate and upfront settlement costs.
  • Seniors can shop anonymously if that is their preference.
  • Prices are competitive, reflecting the offerings of multiple loan providers.
  • Seniors are protected against manipulation when the final price is locked.

In or near retirement? The Professor’s Retirement Funds Integrator (RFI) might enhance your life during retirement.

Want to shop for a Reverse Mortgage from multiple lenders?

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