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RFI - Annuity Providers


Part of the benefit of using RFI to develop a retirement plan is that RFI is connected to a network of substantially all annuity providers in the U.S. (with an A.M. Best rating of "A" or better) who provide real-time price quotes used by the RFI analytics.

By default, RFI automatically selects the "best" annuity provider (also referred to here as an "insurance carrier" or "carrier") for each scenario you enter in RFI.  The "best" provider is defined as the carrier offering the largest annuity payment for a given upfront premium price.

In some cases, the retiree or advisor may want to select a carrier based on some other criteria (e.g. from amongst carriers rated A++ or higher).  If this is the case, the user of RFI can view all relevant annuity quotes by clicking the appropriate "Annuity Quotes" button in the "View Live Annuity Pricing" column of the scenario definition table.  When you click one of these buttons a popup like the one below appears:

Note a few things about this popup:

When you click "OK" on this popup, the scenario is recalculated automatically using the pricing information from the carrier you selected.

If you are a licensed agent of one or more annuity providers, you can certify your credentials by clicking on the "Annuity Agent Verification" button at the top of RFI (cell K1) as shown in the upper right of the screenshot below:

When you click this button you will get the following popup showing all the annuity providers in the RFI network rated "A" or better by A.M. Best:

Place a check next to any insurance carriers for which you are a licensed agent.  Any carriers you check here will appear by name in the annuity quotes screen described above.

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