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Use a Certified Network Counselor (CNC)

The counselors available to assist you have been hand-picked by the professor for their mortgage expertise, experience, and expository skills. You can use a counselor in group sessions or in one-on-one sessions, as shown in the table below.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are held to assist borrowers in using the Professor's Seven Step process to select the best mortgage and lender for the borrower. Group sessions are scheduled in advance. Participants dial into a conference call with a counselor who will step them through the Professor's Seven steps on this web site.

One-on-One Sessions

One-on-one sessions are held to assist borrowers with the mortgage selection process and preparing for their closing. When you sign-up for one-on-one sessions with the counselors, you get support and guidance through the entire process.

What You Get from a Counselor

Not everyone has the same needs from a counselor. To help you decide what best meets your needs, here is a table showing the benefits of the different counselor sessions.

Benefit Group Sessions One-on-one Sessions
Guidance on how to select the right type of mortgage X X
Guidance on how to select the best rate/fee combination X X
Guidance on how to select a lender X X
Available for questions until closing X
Cost Free $100

Group Session One-on-One Session
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