Retirement Funds Integrator (RFI)

Enter the following information to see a chart depicting how a HECM and annuity can be used in combination to help fund your retirement.

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Rate of Return: Enter the annual rate of return you estimate your financial assets will earn. A low estimate reduces your risk of falling short of funds before annuity payments begin. For complete safety, enter 0.

Financial Assets: For simplicity, taxes are not taken into account here. In some circumstances (particularly if a substantial portion of your financial assets are in traditional IRA / 401k accounts) the tax status of your financial assets can have a significant impact on how an RFI plan is structured. If you proceed, you should consult your Mortgage Professor representative regarding the tax implications of any retirement plan.

This section of the chart shows monthly annuity income, which begins in 0 years at and increases by 2% a year. You pay for the annuity now with part of your assets, in exchange receiving an income stream for life starting in 0 years. The remainder of your assets will be used for spendable funds during the 0-year annuity deferment period.

In your case, of your financial assets are used to purchase the annuity.

RFI selects the Deferred Income Annuity that results in the highest monthly income from a network of annuity companies rated A or higher by AM Best. Click the 'Annuity Pricing' button to see how RFI’s automated shopping can increase your annuity income.

During the 10 year annuity deferment period spendable funds are provided by a combination of a HECM Term Payment and draws from your remaining financial assets. The blue area of the chart is the 10 year HECM term payment, which in your case is per month.

RFI uses a network of HECM reverse mortgage lenders to find the best “price” for the reverse mortgage. Click the 'HECM Pricing' button to see the range of term payments that are available on the network – RFI automatically selects the lender offering the largest term payment.

HECM term payments are augmented by draws from your remaining financial assets () to provide spendable funds during the early years of the plan – this is shown in the red section of the chart. Spendable funds grow at 2% per year and provide a smooth transition to the start of annuity income in 10 years.

RFI is not yet ready to be used on small screens. Please try using it on a device with a larger screen.

The RFI generated chart above is one possible retirement plan for you, but it is not necessarily the best plan possible.

  • A different annuity deferment period might result in more spendable funds.
  • You might prefer a pattern of spendable fund that changes over time (i.e. differs from the annual 2% increases shown in the chart).
  • You might want a rider on your annuity that provides a refund of premium in the event of early death.
  • The graph does not show changes in your estate value, which might be important to you.
  • Tax consequences (including whether some or all of your financial assets are in ordinary or tax deferred accounts) are not taken into account.

These or other issues involved in designing a plan that best meets your needs can be discussed with a Mortgage Professor representative who has access to the full RFI technology.

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