Dr. Jack Guttentag – The Mortgage Professor



Jacob Safra Professor of International Banking, The Wharton School, University of Penna. (Emeritus 1997). 

Chairman, GHR Systems, Inc.               

Chief, Domestic Research Division, Federal Reserve Bank  of New York,

Senior Staff, National Bureau of Economic Research.


PhD, MS         Columbia University

BS                   Purdue University


HUD (construction cycles, housing subsidies, reverse annuities)

United Nations (housing finance in Liberia, Ethiopia, Iran)

Bureau of the Census (decennial census of housing)

Federal Reserve Board (banking structure and monetary policy)

National Science Foundation (proposed economic research projects)

Treasury Department (Federal credit agencies)

Pennsylvania Banking Commission (bank structure and performance)

Housing Bank of Puerto Rico (general financial policy)

Commission on Money and Credit (Federal National Mortgage Assn.)

Philadelphia Savings Fund Society (consumer loans)

Fidelity Union Trust Co. (bank mergers)

Wayne County National Bank (branching)

Commonwealth Land Title Company (title insurance)

Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement Fund (investment policy)

Bank of San Juan (loan policy)

Ist Fed. S&L Assn of Puerto Rico (asset and liability management)

First Pennsylvania Corp. (loan policy, international taxes).

Provident National Bank (merger case – litigation related)

Citibank (loan policy, interstate branching)

National Commission on EFTS (impact of EFTS on credit markets)

Advance Mortgage Corporation (affiliation with Citicorp)

Golembe Associates (optimum branching areas)

Federal Home Loan Bank Board (redlining, mortgage securities)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (identifying problem banks)

General Accounting Office (reviving residential construction)

Oppenheimer (S&L solvency issues – litigation related)

Mortgage Insurance Companies of America (mortgage passthroughs)

National Center for Home Equity Conversion (reverse annuities)

Brookings Institution (risk and return in international banking)

Panama Bankers Association (reforming the Panama banking system)

Mutual Savings Central Fund (consolidated mortgage obligations)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (mortgage credit risk)

World Bank (LDC financing, housing finance in Hungary, Malawi)

Housing Roundtable (developing a mortgage menu)

National Association of Realtors (trends in housing finance)

Pennsylvania Savings Assn (asset-liability management)

Guild Mortgage Company (developing an REIT)

International Monetary Fund (bank lending to LDCs)

J.P. Morgan Securities (recent developments in secondary markets)

USAID (housing finance in Portugal, India, Pakistan)

Dominion Bancshares (value of bank identity — litigation related)

New Zealand Bankers Association (banking reform in New Zealand)

KPMG Peat Marwick (causes of S&L failure — litigation related)

Bank Papan Sejahtera (developing a mortgage strategy)

Fiji Housing Authority (reorganizing a housing bank)

Inter-American Development Bank (housing finance in Surinam)

US Department of Justice (S&L claims for restitution – litigation related)


Managing Editor, The Journal of Finance (1974-77)

Board of Editors, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (1972-74)

Board of Editors, Housing Finance Review (l980-83)

Director, American Finance Association (1968-70, 1978-80)

Trustee, Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (1979-83)

Director, American Real Estate and Urban Econ. Assn. (1979-81)

Director, Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh (1982-86)

Board of Editors, Savings and Development (1980-present)

Managing Editor, Housing Finance Review (1983-1989)

Director, First Federal S&L Assn. of Rochester (1981-1994, Advisory Director 1994-96)

Chairman of the Board, Guild Mortgage Securities (1986-88)

Board of Editors, Housing Policy Debate (1990-96)

Chairman of the Board, GHR Systems, Inc. (1991-present)

Director, CRA Fund Advisors, Inc. (1999-2000)


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Jack M. Guttentag is now Professor of Finance Emeritus, formerly Jacob Safra Professor of International Banking, at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  Earlier he  was Chief of the Domestic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, on the senior staff of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and managing editor of both the Journal of Finance(1974-77) and the Housing Finance Review(1983-89).  His bibliography of scholarly articles, books and monographs in banking and housing finance is large and diverse.

Professor Guttentag has been a consultant to many government agencies and private financial institutions, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development, USAID, Freddy Mac, Citicorp, Dominion Bancshares, the World Bank, J.P. Morgan Securities, the New Zealand Bankers Association, and many others.

Professor Guttentag has been a director of the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh, Guild Mortgage Investments, the American Finance Association, First Federal Savings and Loan Asso­ciation of Rochester, and the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association.  Cur­rently he is chairman of GHR Systems Inc., which  develops leading-edge mortgage software.
Relevant Experience Abroad

Year                            Country                       Sponsoring Agency

1969                            Puerto Rico                 Housing Bank of Puerto Rico

1970                            Ethiopia                      United Nations

1970                            Sri Lanka                    None

1971                            Iran                              United Nations

1974                            Thailand                      United Nations

1977                            Israel                           Israel Bankers Association

1984                            Panama                       Panama Bankers Association

1986                            Hungary                      World Bank

1987                            Portugal                      USAID

1988                            Malawi                        World Bank

1989                            N. Zealand                  New Zealand bankers Assn.

1990                            India                            USAID

1990                            Pakistan                      USAID                                   

1991                            Thailand                      USAID

1994                            India                            USAID

1996                            Jamaica                       USAID

1997                            Indonesia                    Bank Papan Sjahtera

1997                            Fiji                              Fiji Housing Authority

1998                            Surinam                      Inter-American Development Bank